Narrative Designer & Writer

I'm cygni, a narrative designer and writer. I create interactive fiction, text, and experimental games using Twine and Bitsy. Currently, I'm developing a historical-fantasy-adventure-romance game in Twine. I post monthly updates about it and other projects on my Patreon. I regularly participate in game jams and those entries are all available on my page.


New Patreon WIP: March WIP - A short preview of an unreleased script of mine. A couple scenes from a historical-fantasy-drama project.

New Patreon Post: March Devlog - A breakdown of the different levels of work involved in each of the NaNoRenO games I worked on this month.

New Patreon Demo: February Demo - The latest demo of my WIP Twine game. This demo is a snippet of a party in the first act of the WIP with multiple characters and scenes to interact with.

from that moment she neglected the world cover art

New Collabs: Snow Angel, Yoga Bear, and from that moment she neglected the world were all made during NaNoRenO! These VN's are cute romances between 30 min to 2 hours long.

New Game: Landscapes for a Cat was made for the Bitsy Secret Santa Jam based on provided prompts. Wander around and take some photos for an alley cat.