Narrative Designer & Writer

I'm cygni, a narrative designer and writer. I create interactive fiction, text, and experimental games using Twine, Bitsy, and Ren'py. I regularly participate in game jams and those entries are all available on my page.


I'm Just Here to Change the Lights cover art

New Collab: Panicked and Surrounded by Hot Vampires is a romance/comedy game made for Winter VN Jam! Play as a middle aged man trapped in a mansion with two vampires.

New Collab: yurisprudence: whispers from the local library was made for Yuri Jam! It's an epistolary romance VN about two law students.

New Game: I'm Just Here to Change the Lights was made for Spooktober Visual Novel Jam. I directed and wrote this spooky comedy about three strange roommates who keep interrupting you as you try to change the lights.