I'm available for paid remote work as a narrative designer, writer, editor, or graphic designer. I'm also available to join other indie devs in short term game jams!

To contact me regarding potential work, please email me at cygnimakesgames[at]gmail[dot]com. Otherwise, say hello to me on Twitter @cygni_a!


Despite narrow deadlines and the length of the script, [Cygni] was very thorough with her editing and communicative all the way through [the project]. Her attention to detail at each stage of development caught a lot of issues ... before release. This game couldn't have [been] so amazing without her! [Cygni's] edits vastly improved the quality of my writing. [S]he helped with the clarity of my work and also helped highlight areas for improvement ... both in this project and for my future writing endeavours. She is ... friendly and prompt but also dedicated, ... willing to go through every suggestion in detail. [This] shows how seriously she takes her work.
shino - from that moment she neglected the world [itch] Liv/LunaMakaio - Snow Angel [itch]
[A]fter working with cygni, I am happy to say I no longer have doubts regarding the value of proofreading. The process itself went very smoothly. The revisions [were] clear, concise and easy to follow. Cygni's proofreading definitely added a layer of polish to the novel and I can warmly recommend her services to any writer. [As] a non-native English speaker, [Cygni] erased my constant fear of [getting] parts of English grammar wrong [and] made the text as a whole sound more natural. [F]or the jam we participated in: we had a strict word [count] restriction and, without Cygni, I surely couldn't [have] cut through the text myself. [When] fresh insight is a must, ... I highly recommend Cygni's services to assist your writing.
high-tea - Yoga Bear [itch] mlkrn - One Hell of a Coffee Shop [itch]