All of my games are available on my for free, unless stated otherwise. Below is a selection of a few of my games as well as a list of all the game jams I've participated in.

Click on a game for more information. Full information and credits are listed on each game's respective page.

One Hell of a Coffee Shop |
Grab a coffee before work.

July 2021, Ren'py | O2A2 (Again!) | Meta, VN
Team: cygni (editing), mossinasi (art, programming), mlkrn (writing), TSotoMusic (music)

from that moment she neglected the world |
An immortal fairy picks up a disciple.

March 2021, Ren'py | NaNoRenO | Romance, VN
Team: cygni (copy editing), shino (writing/art), Damare (composer), Jasper (background artist), waffrus (additional cg artist), Marionette (gui design/programming)

The Ivy Grows |
"Thank you again for doing this last minute."

June 2020, Twine | Narrascope 2020 Jam | Horror, IF
Team: cygni (design, programming, writing, audio), enlightningbugs (art)

A smiling barista in a dark coffee shop. Illustration.
The title 'from that moment she neglected the world' against pink florals. Digital art.
A cottage with ivy growing up its walls. Black and white illustration.

Landscapes for a Cat |
"Can you help a cat out?"

December 2020, Bitsy | Secret Santa Bitsy Jam | Experimental, IF

(artisan) create (your art) |
There's a story behind every item you craft.

November 2019 | 200 Word RPG Challenge | TTRPG, Crafting

The Helix Court |
"You are Pomatia IV of Helix. Corax finally returned to court."

March 2019, Bitsy | Snail Bitsy Jam | Experimental, IF

A graveyard where a tree's branches blow in the wind and a camera flashes at its trunk. Pixel art.
A woman sits in a garden knitting. Impressionist painting.
Five snails and a raven stand in a royal court. Pixel art.


O2A2 (Again!)One Hell of a Coffee Shop • July 2021 ◄► NaNoRenOfrom that moment, she neglected the world • March 2021 ◄► NaNoRenOSnow Angel • March 2021 ◄► NaNoRenOYoga Bear • March 2021 ◄► Bitsy Secret SantaLandscapes for a Cat • December 2020 ◄► Winter VN JamMusketeer: After Winter • December 2020 ◄► NeighborjamSix Street • July 2020 ◄► Narrascope 2020 JamThe Ivy Grows • June 2020 ◄► Narrascope 2020 JamBluebeard's Bride - Release Thyself • June 2020 ◄► Luminous Knife • March 2020 ◄► Silent Bitsy Jam... • March 2020 ◄► Rat Bitsy Jamrat on the platform • February 2020 ◄► 200 Word RPG Challenge(artisan) create (your art) • November 2019 ◄► Echo Bitsy Jamlife imitates art • September 2019 ◄► Snail Bitsy JamThe Helix Court • March 2019 ◄► Alakajam! #5Spellsforce • February 2019 ◄► Alakajam! #4falling • October 2018 ◄