The Name

Cygnus is the swan constellation in the northern hemisphere. Among other sights, some of its stars create the Northern Cross and one is 1/3 of the Summer Triangle. Its stars are designated with an alphanumeric character and the constellation's genitive form: Cygni.

The occasional addition of the "-a" on the name signifies the brightest star in the constellation, α Cygni or Alpha Cygni.

The Person

A realistic painting of a swan.

Me in my natural habitat.

I'm cygni, a writer and narrative designer currently based out of the US. I create interactive fiction, experimental, and text games in Twine, Bitsy, and Ren'py. My writing focuses on women, LGBTQ characters, history, fantasy, maybe-fantasy, horror, and romantic and non-romantic relationships.

I'm available for paid remote work as a narrative designer, writer, editor, or graphic designer. I'm also available to join other indie devs in short term game jams! My portfolio is available upon request. Please email me at cygnimakesgames[at]gmail[dot]com.

I'm not a fan of social media, but I'm there. Watching. I post monthly on Patreon, until a better method of monetization comes along, about the progress on my games or significant life updates.